2024 Pakistan Election Results & It’s Implications…

Orren Prunckun
2 min readFeb 10, 2024

The victory of allies of jailed former leader Imran Khan in Pakistan’s recent elections represents a significant moment in both national and global politics.

Independent candidates affiliated with Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party won the most seats in the National Assembly, a result that was unexpected and has been marred by allegations of vote rigging and a slow count​​.

The outcome has left none of the three major parties — PTI, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) — with enough seats to form a government on their own, setting the stage for potential coalition politics​​.

This election outcome carries several implications for global politics:

1) The success of Khan’s allies, despite his imprisonment and the legal challenges faced by his party, underscores the enduring appeal of populist leaders who can mobilize support through anti-corruption narratives and appeals to national sovereignty​​​​.

2) Khan’s legal troubles and the election’s context reflect the powerful role that judicial decisions and the military establishment can play in Pakistan’s politics, a dynamic that is observed in various forms around the world​​.

3) Khan’s tenure and subsequent legal issues have been closely watched by international observers, given his stance on issues like U.S. influence in the region. The election results could influence Pakistan’s foreign policy direction, especially its relations with major powers such as the United States, China, and India​​​​.

4) The allegations of election rigging and the judicial proceedings against Khan raise questions about the health of democracy in Pakistan. How these issues are addressed could influence global perceptions of democratic resilience in the face of political and institutional challenges​​​​.

5) Pakistan plays a crucial role in South Asian stability, particularly in relation to Afghanistan and India. The political direction Pakistan takes following these elections could have implications for regional security, especially concerning cross-border terrorism and peace processes​​.

6) The incoming government’s approach to economic reforms and governance will be significant for international investors and Pakistan’s economic partnerships, especially given the country’s strategic position in initiatives like China’s Belt and Road Initiative​​.


The 2024 rollercoaster continues!



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