Orren Prunckun

Spotify got brand sharing right!

Today my social feeds are filled with content generated by Spotify.

At the bottom of the content is a link to spotify.com/wrapped

Wrapped is Spotify’s annual summary of music listening habits.

The campaign allows Spotify users to view a compilation of data about their activity on the platform over the past year.

Spotify then allows users to share their personal listening habits on social media.

Why would someone do that?

It’s a brilliant case study of brand sharing done right.

Social media sharing generally occurs when:

  • Helps define their identity.
  • Entertains their friends; or
  • Makes the sharer look good.

Spotify taps into all of these with simple infographics for social media that does all those things.

Do you appeal to these drivers and make it easy for others to share any of your sales communication?



Orren Prunckun

Orren Prunckun

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