A List Of All Approved ChatGPT Plugins As Of 9 July 2023…

Orren Prunckun
36 min readJul 9, 2023

For those who are curious about what is currently available, here are the 643 Plugins:

Top Agencies
Find top marketing and design agencies around the World by service, locations, and ratings.

3 Sentence Service
Managing a three sentence service. You can add, remove, view and invoke your 3 sentence services.

60sec site
Generate a beautiful website in 60 seconds using AI.

Judge whether the A/B test results are superior or not.

ABC Music Notation
Converts ABC music notation to WAV, MIDI, and PostScript files.

Provides fun and educational learning activities for children 2–8 years old.

Get information and analyze A-share stocks, but search for information only from China.

AI Agents
Unleashing the power of multiple AIs: One goal, limitless productivity.

AI Chatbot Builder
Build AI chatbots with ALL your business content, in a secure/business-grade platform.

AI Extensions
Craft your extensions with ease! Step-by-step guidance at your fingertips.

AI Gift Finder
Use the power of AI to find the perfect gift.

AI News Roundup
Get Today’s AI News Headlines As A Clickable Link Roundup!

AI with Jira®
Unofficial plugin for Jira®. Create issues such as tasks, user stories and bugs directly on your Jira® project.

Converts a natural language text into an SQL query.

The prompt is too difficult, now you only need to provide the desired prompt keywords, and you can use the prompt.

Analyse your business and recommend NICE classifications and items to file for trademarks.

Retrieve USA stock insights from SEC filings as well as Earnings Call Transcripts.

Search for the horoscope for each zodiac sign for a specific date.

Tool for AMAZON product listing, help you write a product description.

Checking the current APEX Legends Ranked Map.

Able Style Fashion
Able Style is a fashion assistant who will help you answer the question, ‘What shall I wear today?’

Abridged Due Diligence
Discover the details! Search through recent SEC filings, with links to deeper analysis.

Access Link
Access any links on the web and get the information you need.

Access PDF & Docs
Ask your PDF questions, summarize info & chat with PDF! Enter Google Drive link to start!

Everything you need to buy and sell startups.

Agones provides soccer (football) results for matches played all over the world in the past 15 years.

Super-fast, interactive chats with PDFs of any size, complete with page references for fact checking.

Ai Tool Hunt
Explore the ideal AI solutions for all use cases, drawn from the most comprehensive global database of AI tools.

Alarm Advisor
Get expert advice on Telenot alarm systems and personalized support for your home and business security.

Your trusted source for Canadian drug information.

Request real-time blockchain data for chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism through natural language.

AI clone of Alden Do Rosario. Ask me anything about Alden.

Shape your virtual life with in this immersive life simulator game to begin Type /start to begin.

Help the World — automatically share LLM misbehaviors with the community! Aligned is the global platform for alignment.

Elevate your language learning at any level with personalized 1-on-1 online lessons from tutors across the world.

Amazon Gift Chooser
Curated gifts for every occasion and special person.

Search millions of jobs near you.

All of Andorra with the power of AI.

Appy Pie App Builder
AI-powered Text-to-App Generator turns your app idea into Android and iOS apps- just provide text input.

Argil AI
Generate images without learning how to prompt.

Search through millions of art pieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ask Cars
Ask about car issues and get answers based on verified complaints to government agencies & public forums.

Ask the hosts of the My First Million questions about business, tech, entrepreneurship, and life.

Ask Marcie
For viewing house listings in Park City, Utah.

Ask VG
Search through VG’s content archive.

Discover your style and get personalized recommendations on clothing, accessories, gifts, and more.

Provide a GitHub repository URL with the C# project and ask about any aspect of the code.

Ask your source code directly. The intelligent rubber ducky!

Eliminate hallucination. Organize your knowledge. Chat with it. Visualise it.

Unlock the power of your PDFs!, dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.

Asset Ovi
Search and preview millions of 3D assets for games, AIGC, AR/VR and others.

Search and discover NASA images.

Aus Petrol Prices
Ask for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in Australia!

Aus Surf Report
Get today’s surf report for any break throughout Australia!

Austrian Bank Rates
Compare the rates and terms of checking accounts and savings accounts from Austrian banks.

Talk to your Servers. Works with AWS, GCP, Azure, and anywhere you can ssh!

Calculate sales tax or lookup tax rates for any address in the U.S.

Connect to your business data — Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

B12 AI Websites
Create a professional, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business in seconds using AI.

BART Real-Time
Getting real-time BART information for a specified origination station and direction.

Stay up-to-date with Germany’s leading source for the latest news on politics, sports, entertainment, and more.

BUZZ.NEW: A smart business creator for business management. Create, manage inventory, and handle orders efficiently.

Create and run automations on the most popular web services.

Basketball Stats
Find and analyze basketball stats from various databases of games, players, teams, and play-by-plays.

Explore Bible’s content with detailed interpretations, comparisons, and feature to find related verses.

Bibliography Crossref
Search publications and generate bibtex bibliographies using Crossref and Zotero.

Bitcoin Sentiment
Track the current price of Bitcoin and the market sentiment based on the last 20 news media mentions!

Search BizToc for business & finance news.

Create educational resources (question papers, bubble sheets, worksheets, etc.) instantly from your teaching material.

Search the US Census! Find data sets, ask questions, and visualize.

Create apparel with any image you can describe! Get it delivered right to your door.

Personalized book recommendations, scanning countless titles to find your perfect read via AI.

Boolio Invest
Analyze stock investments from any country, with Boolio’s state-of-the-art engine.

Boost SEO with in-depth analysis, including keyword insights on volume, ranking, and SERP.

Retrieve company and brand data including logos, colors, fonts, and other brand information.

Search for shows that are currently playing on Broadway in New York City.

Bubble Goods
Marketplace of 1000+ tasty & healthy foods. Discover new Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free products & more.

Chat with the knowledge of all your calls in BuildBetter (Zoom, GMeet, Webex). Start for free @ BuildBetter.ai

Compare Prices & Discover the Latest Offers from thousands of online shops in Australia.

Search for the best Amazon products ordered by rating.

C3 Glide
Get live aviation data for pilots. Ask questions about METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs for flight planning.

Access the latest crypto prices and news aggregated by CCData.io (formerly CryptoCompare.com).

Manage your CLINQ Account. Retrieve infos about calls, create call reminders and more.

CSV Export
Create and export custom CSV layouts in a flash.

CT Criteria Parser
Analyze eligibility criteria in ClinicalTrials.gov. Example input: nctid NCT05859269

A calculator app that executes a given formula and returns a result. This app can execute basic and advanced operations.

Calculator Tools
Create any app, calculator, tool, tracker, or game instantly with AI.

California Law
Get up to date access to California law.

Calorie Chat
Tracking what you eat doesn’t have to be hard. With Calorie Chat, you’ll find calorie counting simpler than ever before.

Calorie Coach
Track meals & gain insights for a healthier lifestyle from 1m+ restaurants & grocery stores.

Submit your video ideas, and let AI craft a script, find suitable footage, and merge everything into a polished video.

Find Your Perfect Car on CarGurus — Shop by Budget, Deal Rating, Make, Model, & More.

AI-Powered Car Sales Ad Generator for Australian Car Dealers.

Career Copilot
A trusted, always on assistant to help software developers find a better job. Built by Commit.dev.

Catch Them All
Catch Them All — Catch, Battle, and get information about your favourite Pokemon

Chabad Centers
Find information about Chabad Centers worldwide and their events.

Chaca Market Product
Get detailed information about products on Chaca Market

Chat with your favorite League of Legends champions!

Discover impactful nonprofits to support in your community and beyond.

Charge My EV
Locate EV charging stations by various providers, including Tesla supercharger locations.

Get data on US-based non-profits including mission, key people, governance, ratings and financial data.

Charts by Kesem AI
Generate charts. The user can request a chart to be generated.

Chat Raku Journey
Search for Rakuten services in Japan. You can easily search for products, facilities in travel, and more.

Chat Stack Search
Use the Stack Exchange API to search sites such as Stack Overflow and return questions, answers, and other information.

Movies, Actors and TV shows from TMDB, a database like IMDB.

Chat Tool Finder
Find the tool in here that can help you. Search by name, category or description.

Chat With Workspace
Chat with your Notion workspace.

Chat With Your Data
Conversational analysis over your databases and spreadsheets.

Chat with Bible
Intuitively explore scriptures. Find relevant verses, understand parables, and gain insights.

Chat with Quran
Chat with the Quran.

The best way to read text from any document. Extract text from scanned PDFs, photos, and even handwriting.

The best way to read text from from any document. Extract text from scanned PDFs, photos, and even handwriting.

Ability to SSH into your server and turn your natural language into server commands.

Get access to marketing/sales data including domain information, company research and search keyword research.

Search code on GitHub repositories based on a query.

Chat with everything from entire PDF books to Google Drive documents just by providing a link.

Ask questions, analyzing, and parsing through YouTube videos by simply providing a YouTube video URL.

Have a conversation with any website, powered by magicform.ai

Look for anything on the blockchain and get instant analysis.

This allows you to play a game of checkers.

Unleash your inner chess master with this interactive chess experience! You can play against a novice or a grandmaster!

Chi Data Buddy
Chicago data from the City of Chicago Data Portal.

Ask questions and search across your network and contacts — Linkedin, Facebook, email, and iMessage.

Access Clearbit Enrichment, Prospecting, Reveal APIs and website visitors data to access information about companies.

Clinical Trial Radar
Discover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.

Cloud Diagram Gen
Generate cloud architecture diagrams. Unofficial AWS plugin.

Cloudflare Radar
Get real-time insights into Internet traffic patterns and threats as seen by Cloudflare.

Searches every dealer, analyzes & ranks every car for you so you can buy with confidence.

Code Library Search
Answer any questions about Python libraries (Currently Langchain and Openai). Can answer version specific questions.

Code Runner
Compile and save your code while creating visualizations (charts and graphs) supports upto 70 programming languages.

CodeCast Wandbox
Instantly compile your code online with Wandbox. Improve your coding learning experience.

Run code in more than 30 different programming languages, and let us worry about setting up the environment!

Get cryptocurrency information from CoinCap.

Color Palette
Craft vibrant palettes from your ideas.

Search nearby events in Korea.

Companies In The UK
Provides financial information on UK Companies.

Company Transcripts
Search and analyze the latest company transcripts for any stock (powered by Koyfin).

An advanced e-commerce tool, providing robust capabilities for efficient product search and accurate price comparison.

Competitor PPC Ads
Discover your competitors’ best PPC ads by entering their website address.

Content Rewriter
Enter any URL and have the text content rewritten for you!

Effortlessly buffer & post Social, SEO, Ad content. Supports WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Shopify, Medium + more!

Converter App
Convert currencies or files like images and videos from web links and Google Drive to other formats, or work with PDFs.

Send a URL and get sales copywriting suggestions for any page!

Search for the internet’s best coupons from thousands of online stores.

Coupons by Tenere
TenereTeam.com — Get the Best Deals & Coupons on Millions of Products At Over 50,000 Online Stores.

Find recommendation for courses, specializations, and degrees on Coursera.

Crafty Clues
Guess the words that the AI craftily clues for you. Add restrictions to make the game more interesting!

CranePumps Manuals
Returns the catalog and manual for a pump based on model number.

Create Landing Page
Edit detailed landing page for a marketing company.

Create a QR code
Create a QR code for any text or url.

CreatiCode Scratch
Display Scratch programs as images and write 2D/3D programs using CreatiCode Scratch extensions.

Creative Mind
Unleash your imagination with Creative Mind, transforming text prompts into stunning visual art.

Creatuity Stores
We integrate stores so you can search for products in all of them at the same time.

Access various essential financial calculators for a detailed repayment schedule and payoff term.

Cribbage Scorer
Tool for scoring your cards in the game of cribbage.

Crypto ERC20 Scout
Browse ERC20 tokens on EVM blockchains. Includes address resolution, symbol/tag search, explorer links, and pricing.

Crypto Jobs List
Find jobs and talent profiles in Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 industries.

Crypto Market News
It’s your go-to solution for real-time cryptocurrency price updates, market insights, and the latest news.

Crypto Price Checker
A Crypto Prices app that takes a pair of crypto or fiat tickers and returns the current price of the pair.

Crypto Pulse
From News to Profit: Decode Crypto’s Market Impact with Ease. Instantly, analyse latest crypto news.

Crypto transactions, addresses, balances, conversions for any blockchain (Ethereum, Binance, Near, Tron, etc.)

Currency Converter
Convert currencies based on real-time rates!

Currency Converter
Convert currencies based on real-time rates.

Currency Converter
Convert currencies using the CoinGecko API.

Currency Today
Converts currency values based on the latest exchange rates.

Custom Knowledge
Provide your docs, webpages, and other links, and get personalised answers.

ETF Research, Stocks, Cryptos, Performance, Risk, Sustainability, Investment, Portfolio Analysis.

DEV Community
Recommending posts and members from DEV Community.

DM Tool Kit
App for rolling dice using the d20 or Fate/Fudge systems.

Daily Learning
Unlock your full potential with a personalized education journey featuring custom-tailored lesson plans!

Smart insights from your team daily stand-ups, check-ins, surveys, or knowledge base forms.

Project management on autopilot.

Decision Journal
Become a better decision maker by keeping track of your decisions and reviewing how they turn out.

Deep Memory
Create flashcards and review them on Deep Memory, a spaced repetition app.

Retrieve data on DeFi protocols and blockchains.

Definitive Facts
Ask questions using 100+ relational datasets — sports, finance, and more at https://definitive.io/datasets.

Denison Yachting
Search yachts for sale, charters, new construction, crew placement, and more with Denison Yachting.

DeployScript can create web apps, websites, custom code and more! Turn prompts into apps in seconds!

Find your next favorite tool.

Create and display diagrams from kroki.io or using networkx and matplotlib.

Kickstart your diary journey. Keeping a diary is designed to be effortless and beneficial.

Quickstart for creating a product draft on the Disteur platform.

Doctor’s Life Career
Searching Japanese medical doctors’ jobs based on your preferences.

Document AI
The only Document AI that shows you where it got your answer from.

Domain Finder AI
Verify if a domain is available by searching across multiple domain registrars.

Domains Bot
Checks for a domain name’s availability. You can search for your desired domain name.

Domatron Domains
Find available, brandable .com domain names for your business businesses.

Discover nearby restaurants for all of your delivery/pickup needs!

Dover Assistant
Generate a personalized email to someone you’re interested in reaching out to for a job opportunity.

Dr. Thoth’s Tarot
Tarot card novelty entertainment & analysis, by Mnemosyne Labs.

Bring your ideas to life with diagrams. Craft, manage, and engage with your creations in a whole new way.

Dream Interpreter
Interprets your dreams using advanced techniques.

Dream Reader
Read and decode your dreams and unveil your innermost thoughts and desires.

Drink Maestro
Learn to mix any drink you can imagine (real or made-up), and discover new ones. Includes drink images.

Duoduo English
Learn and practice English for Duolingo English Test.

Generates a map image based on provided location, tilt and style.

Earthquake Info
Get latest earthquake information.

Easy Product Search
Easy Product Search simplifies shopping on Japanese EC sites using keywords. It providing product info.

Easy Resume
Quickly create and edit your resume with the option to download as a docx or pdf, and find the job you deserve!

Edmunds Cars
Use Edmunds to get trusted car reviews and local new and used vehicle listings.

A tool designed to respond to college admission-related inquiries.

Empregos Agro
Explore the Empregos Agro platform and search for jobs and learning content in the agro-business. Powered by Plooral.

Generate diagrams from code or natural language.

Etihad Airline
Search flights, and answer other related questions of flights.

Generate 3D ideas and bring them to life with our expert support.

Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates delivers real-time and historical data, enabling conversion and tracking for over 170 currencies.

Bring your trip plans to life — get there, stay there, find things to see and do.

Provides activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly travel experiences.

Export Chat
A Tool to export your conversation or specific parts of your conversation.

Export Chat to PDF
I will export your chat conversation to a PDF file, ready for download and share.

Export to PDF
Export your AI chat history or responses to a stylized PDF document/text for easy file sharing.

Access profiles of German politicians, retrieve voting records, analyze side jobs, and monitor party donations.

Father’s Day Deals
Ideas, recommendations, and deals for Father’s Day gifts.

Feng Shui Divination
Using traditional Chinese theories such as the I Ching (Book of Changes) to predict the past, present, and future.

Search for ferries and plan your trip with the assistance of AI and Ferryhopper.

Utility for converting strings of text into ASCII fonts.

Tell me your favorite movies and I’ll recommend your next cinematic gem!

Verify the provided text using external sources.

Find Talent
Find digital freelance talent for any occasion.

Find a Freelancer
Find human freelancers to help complete tasks.

Find a Tour
Find a tour, activity, or experience to do in locations across the world.

Finna Bolag
Seamlessly search for and retrieve Swedish companies’ financial data.

FiscalNote enables access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information

Forex Rates: Price analysis for currency markets. Gain insights, sentiment evaluation, and text completion.

Free Kiddie Books
Free Kiddie Books by www.storybee.space! Type ‘Storybee Free Kiddie Books’ to explore a world of imagination.

Fetches and presents the latest tech documentation content.

Discover funding opportunities in UK and India on FundsDB. Type in your query in any language or /help for assistance.

GIF Search
Search through a wide range of gifs — Powered by Giphy.

Chat and get game info, database is based on the latest gaming information in 2023, supports multiple platforms.

Discover games, game-related content, get recommendations, and compare games based on player reviews.

Connect to your Google Analytics adn get data with AI using simple prompts.

Discover the perfect AI tools for your needs.

Extract geographical data seamlessly within your conversations.

Find tours, excursions and other travel activities.

Gift Finder
Your personal gift advisor. Find a perfect experience for anyone.

Gift ideas suggester
Generate gift ideas for any occasion, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. Please, provide details about recipient.

Ask about gift ideas for any occasion and recipient. Get it wrapped and delivered, no address needed.

Giga Tutor
Giga is your AI powered personalised tutor, it keeps the answers to your questions personalised.

Gimmee Air Quality
Planning something outdoors? Get the 2-day air quality forecast for any US zip code.

Git OSS Stats
Dynamically generate and analyze stats and history for OSS repos and developers.

Schedule and send daily SMS messages — reminders, inspiration, helpers and more.

GoDaddy Name Search
Search and check the availability of domain names using GoDaddy.

Elevate your shopping experience with GoFynd.

Get current factual data on companies from the Golden knowledge graph.

Your next vacation is one conversation away. Literally. Find the perfect stays in the US with Got2Go.

Your personal job search assistant. Find the best full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships worldwide.

HACKIT Web Scanner
AI Powered Web Scanner by HACKIT.

HDB Car Park
For checking availability of car park lots at various HDB car parks around Singapore.

HTTP Webhooks
Allows you to write, deploy, and manage HTTP Webhooks in JavaScript, right from the chat.

This tool checks if credentials linked to an email have been exposed in data breaches or hacks.

Hadith Advice
Ask a question and get advice from hadith.

Shopping all kinds of products with the lowest price in the market.

Halifax Bylaws
Your Halifax Bylaw’s Expert.

Hashtag Analytics
Engage AI — Retrieve hashtag follower counts, trends and suggestions to increase reach on LinkedIn.

Hauling Buddies
Locate dependable animal transporters using recommendations, reviews, and regulatory compliance search features.

Hedera Account Info
Gets the HBAR and token balance of a Hedera account.

Meet HeyGen — The best AI video generation platform for your team.

HiCollectors Finder
Search and price comparison for eBay products. Only available in the United States.

Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes tailored to you. Brought to you by Inner Self.

Local health risk & safety guidance for COVID-19, Flu, RSV and more in the US.

Humanizing AI content via paraphrasing.

I Am Rich
Proudly declare ‘I am rich’.

ISS Location
Add-on for displaying the current coordinates of the ISS and the names of the current astronauts in space.

Ibotta Shopping
Your perfect shopping companion! Search for products from thousands of retailers. Only available in the US.

Idea Organiser
Organise and store your notes on Notion. Make your note taking smarter, easier and more effective.

Image Editor
Edit images seamlessly, resize, crop, blur and many more embedded features.

Discover complimentary images to enhance your generated article or to highlight specific paragraphs from Unsplash.

Indoor Plants
Trusted Information About Indoor Plants and Gardening.

The ultimate guide for indoor plants.

Search jobs on InfoJobs.

What’s cookin’? Ask about recipes, meal plans, & more — and get ingredients delivered from 40,000+ stores!

Interest Rates
Get Real Time Interest Rates From Central Banks

Isotonix products search.

Italy Latest News
Get the most recent news from Italy.

Japanese Strokes
Educational tool to help with learning Japanese writing strokes using animations.

Your ultimate travel companion: search/book flights at best prices, get info about your destination. Multilang support.

Use the knowledge in your JiggyBase document collections to help produce factual, up-to-date chat responses.

Get factual, knowledge-base and real-time information. Search news, images, videos, music, apps, pages and facts.

Explore TiraBeauty, JioCinema, JioMart, and JioFiber in one go. Shop, stream, and surf with ease!

Search for US jobs by keywords, locations, employers, salaries, and commute time.

Job Cover Letter
I’ll make a powerful, ATS-friendly cover letter for your job application. Ideal for email or LinkedIn use.

Job Interview
I’ll prepare you for a job interview by asking questions and providing feedback.

Job Search
Searching for jobs made easy.

Job Search UK
Get the latest job posts from the UK’s top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.

Job search by Indeed
Explore & discover the latest open jobs from the #1 job site in the world, Indeed.com.

This is a job search service. For now only for jobs in Germany.

Search flights, stays & rental cars or get recommendations where you can go on your budget.

Search for products that match your criteria from among the many products registered on the Japanese website Kakaku.com.

You can search for hotel that match your search criteria from among the many hotels registered on Kakaku.com.

KalendarAI sales agents generate revenue with potential customers from 200+ million companies globally.

Kargo Takibi
Track where your the parcel is, its movements and more for Turkish cargo providers.

KeyMate.AI Search
Search&Browse the web by using Google Search results with KeyMate.AI, your AI-powered web crawler.

Keyplays Live Soccer
Latest live soccer standings, results, commentary, tv stations, keyplays (with and without scores).

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer provides popular related keywords to amplify your content optimization.

Klarna Shopping
Search and compare prices from thousands of online shops. Only available in the US.

From local escapes to far flung adventures, find the best experiences, tours, hotels and transport options anywhere.

Learn with Kokoro!

Konkani Translator
Unlock the Beauty of Goa with the Romi Konkani Translator.

Korea subway route
Korea metro subway route info.

Your product development coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus’ product thinking.

Searching jobs in Japan. You can search jobs by keyword, location and employ type.

Search for LGTM Markdown.

Matching your ideal lawyer, in Japan. Let’s Start with a Preliminary Review.

Lexi Shopper
Get product recommendations from your local Amazon store.

Your media and entertainment companion. Get TV, Movies, Books & Podcast Recommendations.

The ultimate trusted guide for all things related to Abraham Lincoln.

Lingo — Direct Access to the Japanese Lifestyle with One Click.

Link Reader
Read any links: webpage, youtube, PDF, PPT, image, Word doc etc; OCR image; Search & browse web.

Easy tool for link-building campaigns.

Listen Notes
The best podcast search engine and database. All podcasts and episodes. Built with PodcastAPI.com.

Get help exploring the scientific literature. Find relevant papers and generate mindmaps of the literature.

Live Game
Get real-time scores and news updates from the world of eSports. LOL, Dota2, CS:GO, PUBG live scores and news.

Local by GoodCall
Discover and support restaurants, shops & services near you. 🍽️ 🛍️ 🔧

Lsong AI
Lsong’s AI provides AI-powered content like news, images, music, movies, weather, stories, memes, and more.

For administering an MBTI test. You can get a list of questions and calculate your MBTI type.

ML Paper Reader
Search for ML papers on different topics and speed up research by “talking” to the PDFs.

Ask about Magic: The Gathering cards, rules and interactions.

Assign tasks to a 24/7 on-demand remote worker with 1-click using Magic.

Magic Conch Shell
Guide your most important life decisions with the magic conch shell. (Please don’t actually, it’s only satire).

Magnetis is a digital wealth manager. Get updated data on portfolios returns and allocations. Ask me about Magnetis.

Maimovie, the AI-powered movie search, understands any conversational prompt like “movies with plot twists”, “tyrant”

Make A Sheet
Generate a csv file that can directly be imported into Google Sheets or MS Excel.

Man of Many
Discover the latest in products, culture and style from Man of Many. Ask for the latest news and headlines.

Get a list of listings for rent or sale in cities across Canada and the US based on your search criteria.

Fetches user-created applications from Mantium and retrieves relevant info based on user queries.

A Maps app that takes latitude and longitude coordinates and generates a map with a marker on the given spot.

Facilitates access and search for Medicine articles, including author and journal details — By Nabil Brag.

Identify sources and experts for journalists.

Meme Creator
Use Meme Creator to create memes on demand using the power of AI!

Meme Generator
Your AI meme generator.

Memory Bank
Extend AI memory. Ask it to store and retrieve your information to get personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

Mermaid Chart
Visualize Mermaid Diagrams and fine-tune them in the Mermaid Chart editor.

Message in a Bottle
Throw a message into the digital ocean, or grab one floating by. You are not alone.

MetaMentor by AxonAI
MetaMentor personalizes your learning path in any topic and provides you with PDF,HTML and DOCX study guides.

Query info on cryptos, NFTs, tokens, coins, Defi and Web3.

Metaphor Search
Access the internet’s highest quality content. Recommended by people, powered by neural search.

Mifuzi Domain AI
Discover domain names based on your creative ideas and check their availability status.

MightyOwl K-8
MightyOwl is a K-8 educational resource offering fun and engaging videos, quizzes and worksheets.

Career test to help you find your dream job, with automation risk and average salary.

Minecraft Chocolate
Ask for recomendations about Minecraft mods and modpacks. Uses Modrinth API.

Mini Habits
Form new habits through small, daily actions.

Discover the easiest way to find the best coupons for thousands of online stores.

Find any NFT data on the NEAR Protocol.

MixerBox ChatMap
Powered by Google Maps API, MixerBox ChatMap is the world’s 1st AI chatbot for Maps!

MixerBox ChatPDF
Save time! MixerBox ChatPDF can summarize & analyze PDF files for you!

MixerBox ChatVideo
Summarize videos from YouTube! Ask questions and get answers right away!

MixerBox FreecableTV
Watch free ad-supported TV shows, series, live channels, movies, news & sports from across the web!

MixerBox ImageGen
Generate AI Images via DALL·E 2! Create perfect prompts for Midjourney & Stable Diffusion pictures!

MixerBox News
Get the latest news with ease! Search and browse updates on finance, sports, technologies and more!

MixerBox OnePlayer
Unlimited music, podcasts, and videos across various genres. Enjoy endless listening with our rich playlists!

MixerBox PhotoMagic
Enhance photo resolution magically! Achieve clearer & more detailed visuals for your images!

MixerBox Podcasts
Search podcasts easily! Explore podcasts covering society, sports, business, news, music, and more!

MixerBox Prompt Pro
Generate ideal prompts instantly! Ensure accurate and comprehensive responses effortlessly!

MixerBox Scholar
Free and reliable academic search engine! Find research papers and get answers in an instant!

MixerBox Translate
Translate any language right away! Learn foreign languages easily by conversing with AI tutors!

MixerBox Weather
Get real-time worldwide weather updates & forecasts, instantly!

MixerBox WebSearchG
Search and summarize the web with our customized search engine powered by Google Search API!

Fetching real-time data for all crypto & blockchain metrics.

I can convert your chats to articles and posts them online🍹.

MomentX GuideX
It gives real-time info on our store, including brand locations and promotions.

Generate music, compose music, create music and listen to music. Save music and refer it in the future.

My Writing Companion
Find, hire, and manage remote human writers, the best way to ensure your content is engaging, accurate, and error-free.

NASA Media Explorer
Discover and learn about space exploration using NASA’s vast media library!

NFT Guru
Discover current prices of NFTs across major platforms and keep track of the rapidly changing marketplace with real-time

NFT News Roundup
Get Today’s NFT News Headlines As A Clickable Link Roundup!

Get the important details of any NFT collection and ask for insights based on that data!

NJSI Beta by SSG
National Jobs Skills Intelligence. Skillsfuture Singapore AI Graph for insights and relationships in the JS landscape.

Netlify Drop
Describe a simple website you want to make, and deploy it to Netlify to share it with others and claim it as your own.

Learn about the most popular local or national news and find local businesses and events in the United States.

Breaking global news in brief, 15000 news sources from worldwide.

Fetch the latest research papers on a specific topic from PubMed. More to come.

Check if your domain name is available. We support all ccTLDs and gTLDs.

Create notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown to explore data, visualize, and share notebooks with everyone.

Unofficial connector to Notion for interactive note-taking.

Get Google Trends. In Japan, you can also get Twitter trends and search Twitter keywords.

OfferZen World
Queries OfferZen’s database for tech career, recruitment, service, and pay insights.

Search and discover extensions with OhMyPlug! It guides you through the best addons in the store and explains them 🔍🧩💡.

One Word Domains
Check the availability of a domain and compare prices across different registrars.

OnePage Stock Ideas
Find a list of stock ideas by asking it or feeding it with news or article.

Open Archives
Search the genealogical data of Dutch and Belgian archives and societies via Open Archives.

Open Lecture
Discover and access the right moments in open course lectures for targeted learning.

Open Trivia
Get trivia questions from various categories and difficulty levels.

Provides restaurant recommendations, with a direct link to book.

OpenTools AI
Find the right AI tools for your needs from the largest collection on the web.

Options Pro
Options Pro is your personal options trading assistant to help you navigate market conditions.

Search for top-quality online classes and teachers on Outschool.

Provides lodging and activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly journey.

Owler provides real-time business news and insights on private and public companies.

P/E For NFTs
Get the price to earnings ratio for any NFT collection!

PPC — StoreYa.com
Your personal assistance for automating advertising — Google Ads (AdWords) and Microsoft Ads (Bing).

PTCG price research
It fetches the latest prices of Pokémon Cards within Japan.

Search through arXiv publications.

Say it better, say it different: Paraphrase like a Pro. Paraphrase for impact and inspire.

Search & compare electronic component inventory, pricing, & lead time from top suppliers.

Party Planner
Plan the perfect party.

Passive DNS Pivots
Global pDNS 800 Billion records searchable. Unearth nefarious domains within minutes of creation.

Paxi AI
Let AI tools speed up your tasks! Make it easy to find the right tool for the task.

Peel Hunt AI-ERA
AI Equity Research Assistant (AI-ERA).

Penrose Analyst
Search global news and research papers. Summarize Arxiv.org links. Ask me for the latest news!

People Search
Search Clay’s public people graph by keyword & industry. Build lists & recruit faster than Linkedin.

Perfect Chirp
Turn your ideas into banger tweets in less than 30 seconds. Start your prompt with ‘Write a tweet…’.

Dive into simulated chat adventures with your beloved heroes, experts, and celebs!.

Generate Photorealistic prompts for Midjourney.

Ping Task Assistant
Add your own TODOs, plan and delegate tasks. Automatically assign projects and people.

Pixellow: Unveiling image insights, aiding understanding, and creating detailed captions and descriptions.

A design assistant that creates marketing visuals from your templates.

Get your tailored workout plan and instructions with videos — AI-powered Workout Coach, Planfit.

Playlist Follow
Create and find the best music playlists, all in one place.

Create Spotify playlists for any prompt.

Explore the Plooral Eduployment platform and search for jobs and learning content.

Describe the addin you want, and we will help you find the most suitable one.

Recommend plugins in the store based on your question, and introduce their usage.

Podcast search
This tool explores podcasts from PodcastIndex.org, a platform for decentralized audio content discovery.

Search Polarr’s massive pool of user generated filters to make your photos and videos perfect.

Poll the People
The ultimate guide for market research and surveys.

Market data, news, and fundamentals for stocks, options, forex, and crypto from Polygon.io.

Analyze stocks and get comprehensive real-time investment data and analytics.

Your AI investing guide: portfolio assessment, recommendations, answers to all finance questions.

Stocks, ETFs, funds, crypto analysis: historical performance, volatility, risk metrics, Sharpe ratio, drawdowns, etc.

Prayer Times
Get Prayer Times for all over world in seconds.

Finding the best language tutors.

Simplify your decision-making process by summarizing Amazon product reviews for you.

ProApp Learn Design
Level up your design skills quickly with a wide range of design courses, interactive workshops and AI-guided mentorship.

Prompt Perfect
Type ‘perfect’ to craft the perfect prompt, every time.

PromptRecruit gives you the ability to talk with your recruitment system!

Craft better prompts using /enhance, /feedback before a prompt. Skill up with /brainstorm, /workout.

Property Finder UK
Find properties for sale or rent in the UK.

Get real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.

Recommend extensions based on prompt from user.

Puzzle Constructor
A tool for creating crosswords. You can create crosswords from words and hints.

Our mission is to make journeys more enjoyable and bring better travel experiences to QEEQ with the help of technology.

QR Codes
Create QR codes.

QR Generator
Generate QR code in seconds.

Stay updated with the latest earthquakes in the Philippines.

Quantum Ready Check
Check if a website is using quantum-safe key exchange. This helps ensure your website is quantum ready.

Questmate Forms
Create forms, checklists and workflows (we call ’em Quests!) that you can assign, schedule or make public.

QuickCreator Marketing Tools
The generated Google campaign includes Campaign, AdGroup, Ad, and Keywords.

Create flashcards and review them with spaced repeition.

Quiver Quantitative
Access data on congressional stock trading, lobbying, insider trading, and proposed legislation.

You can test your webapp without writing a single line of code by just giving the URL

Recombinant AI™
Input a Github repo URL. Get a holistic,deep, relational understanding of the codebase.

Reflect Notes
Creates a Reflect note.

Add, remove, list and tag reminders.

Rentable Apartments
Get apartment options in a city of your choice, scoped to your needs and budget.

Repo Inspector
Inspect Git Repositories. Submit a GitHub, Gitlab, etc., HTTPS link. The repo will be reviewed by Repo Inspector.

Repo Radar
Your one-stop shop for up to date Github repo information. Find repos by topic, language, or name.

Repo Radar
Your one-stop shop for up to date Github repo information. Find repos by topic, language, or name.

Research By Vector
Unearth precise academic research effortlessly with the power of vector embeddings for relevance and accuracy.

Resume Copilot
I’ll perfect your resume for ATS, tailor it to the job, ensuring you stand out to recruiters

Tired of comparing countless Amazon reviews? Input a product name or link for an instant AI summary.

Your AI powered Ad Assistant!

Answers questions about open-source repositories.

Create interactive lessons from online articles or Youtube videos.

SA Speed Cameras
See if a mobile speed camera or roadwork is on a South Australian road today!

Send a URL and keyword and get a On Page SEO analysis & insights!

SEO Assistant
The SEO Assistant can generate search engine keyword information in order to aid the creation of content.

Use AI to analyze and improve the SEO of a website. Get advice on websites, keywords and competitors.

Your personal SEO assistant for content marketing.

SG Places Beta
Provides information on attractions, F&B outlets, accommodation, tours, shops, and events in Singapore.

SHOP.COM Website Search for products, brands, stores and more. Great to find products, great deals, and earn rewards.

Enjoy personalized product recommendations from over 500 luxury and lifestyle brands.

Find Sake and get detailed information in various ways.

Save articles, data, ideas and research findings. It is an efficient way to access this stored content in the future.

Savvy Trader AI
Realtime stock, crypto and other investment data.

SceneXplain lets you attach images to your prompt. Explore image storytelling beyond pixels.

Scholar Assist
Search academic research papers from arXiv and find answers to your questions.

Unleash scientific research: search 40M+ peer-reviewed papers, explore scientific PDFs, and save to reference managers.

Scholarly is an AI-powered search engine for exploring scientific literature.

Query research papers from Arxiv.

Search over 250M scientific papers and research articles. Perfect for researchers or students.

Scrape content from webpages by providing a URL.

Scrape content from webpages by providing a URL.

Search UK Companies
Fetching public information on UK registered Companies and it’s Officers from Companies House.

Instantly discover flights that can be booked with points and miles.

Secretary Kim
Korean weather, subway information! Enjoy a smart life with Secretary Kim.

Manage your Search Engine Marketing. Get keywords reports, CPCs, domain visibility, SEO results and more.

Sentence Beasts
Summon or create unique word monsters, engage them in thrilling battles, and record the outcomes using Word Monsters.

Service Check
Check if services are running and how fast they are responding. You can check Website, Email, Domain Lookup and Ping.

Shein Discovery
Get your fashion and lifestyle recommendations from Shein.

Search for millions of products from the world’s greatest brands.

Shop AIssistant
A shopping assistant helping with the search through a large product catalog.

Shop Best
Shop and get summarized reviews for the best products on Amazon.

Shop Rewards
Amazon product shopping search, conveniently query products, get discounts and discounted products more quickly.

ShopMate AI
Searches for Products on Google Shopping in Real-Time, No Ads, Only Trusted Stores.

Shopping tools
Shopping tools let you search for products to buy in AliExpress and eBay.

Shor in QASM
Generate quantum circuits for Shor’s algorithm in QASM format.

Show Me Diagrams
Create and edit diagrams directly in chat.

Shuto.IO is a multi-tool for creators and developers with SMS, Email, Wordpress and SSH Command Execution capabilities.

Live data on crypto, NFTs, DeFi. Spot/derivatives. A must for traders.

The smartest shopping tool. Save w/ coupons, deals, promo codes at 300K retailers, ecommerce stores.

Envision your concepts through Diagrams. This tool allows you to create and modify diagrams within the chat interface.

Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy. Search flight deals and plan your next exciting trip.

Sleek Choice
Save time! Let’s try effortlessly discover top-rated items within a specified budget range on Amazon.

Smart Connections
Chat with your notes integration for Obsidian.

Get Tickets For All Sports Events, Music Concerts, Theater And More With SmartTicketsAI.com.

Smarter Contracts
Analyze smart contracts and tokens on Ethereum.

Snappy Gifts
Personalized gift options for any budget or event, now or later, recipient’s choice.

Social Search
The Social Search provides access to tweets, users, followers, images, media and more.

Space data including NASA.

Space Photo Explorer
Tool for exploring space through images including Mars Rover Photos, NASA image database, and space pictures of the day.

Space Server
Access NASA’s technology transfer, Mars weather, SSD/CNEOS, Nasa Photos — By Nabil Brag.

Learn how to say anything in another language with Speak, your AI-powered language tutor.

The easiest way to convert texts to ready-to-use audio — download link, audio player page, or embed!

Speedy Marketing
Marketing tool for your Shopify store, ecommerce website or any business. Write SEO blogs and social media content.

Discover personalized Amazon products at unbeatable prices. Now available in the US.

Spirify QR Code
QR Code generator for text or URLs. It’s a general-purpose tool that also enables QR code puzzle games with AI.

StackOverflow Plus
Expand your knowledge beyond 2021/09/01. Get recent questions and answers from Stack Overflow.

Statis Fund Finance
Financial data tool for analyzing equities. You can get price quotes, analyze moving averages, RSI, and more.

Find your perfect travel destination & hotels. Look for pet-friendly towns in USA, stargazing spots in Europe, and more!

Stepstone Jobs
Explore job openings in Germany. 120,000+ opportunities to discover.

Get a stoic quote by typing ‘stoic’.

Create beautiful, illustrated stories easily.

Get daily astrological predictions for your sun sign.

Substack IQ
Explore Substack! Provide a link, chat with articles, find new authors, search all of Substack, & more.

This is a sudoku game. You use voice or text to play.

Summarize YouTube videos, web pages, and PDF documents by providing a link. This is a free preview.

Awesome Tesla trips: find a route, including supercharger stops. Bonus: chat with the Tesla manual!

Surveillance API
Explore the Synology Surveillance Station API documents and generate example code.

We propose the perfect peaches for you from all over Japan.

Allows you to find restaurants in Japan that have availability for reservations.

Tabor AI
Trusted source for senior living market research, data, and analytics. 35K communities, 9K operators in the USA.

Search for event venues and spaces in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

Tailor ERP Generator
A tool to help creating tailor-made ERP application.

Find and hire freelance engineering talents from around the world.

Talk Law Brazil
Interact with laws and bills in progress in the Brazilian Congress.

Talk With Docs
Ask any questions to your docs.

Talk with AI to help you manage your FPL team. Compare players, transfer options and more.

Talkface IELTS Prep
Use the latest IELTS Speaking exam questions to prep your IELTS speaking with Talkface.

Tasty Recipes
Discover recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips from Tasty’s millions of users!

Keeps you updated with top(default)/new/ask/show/job stories from HackerNews.

Telescope Labs
Data retrieval, analysis and visualizations related to web3 games who are onboarded as a blockchain game.

Testosterone Meals
Designed diet plans that aim to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Text Count
Count the number of words and characters in a text.

The Diet Search
You can search the Japanese Diet Proceedings by request, news, or other text.

Find theme park waiting times around the world.

There’s An AI For That
Find the right AI tools for any use case, from the world’s largest database of AI tools.

Tic Tac Toe
Playing a game of Tic Tac Toe with varying board sizes. You can submit your move and get the AI’s response move.

TickTick for managing a TODO list, you can add, remove and view your TODOs.

Enhances AI with real-time awareness, providing current time in various formats and timezones.

Interact with your calendar. Analyze and create events, understand and plan your time better.

Begin an exciting journey through time, interact with unique characters, and learn history in this time-travel game!

Tint Bolt
Tint Bolt is an administrative tool that helps automotive window tinting businesses manage their day to day operations.

Shop Tira for top beauty brands! Explore cosmetics, health products & more online. Your beauty store awaits

Today’s Top Deal
Find the best deals on Amazon today.

Get realtime crypto price, BTC, ETH, BNB, and the latest insights.The latest coin news and airdrop opportunities.

Tom Brady Bot
The ultimate trusted guide for all things about Tom Brady.

Tomorrow.io Weather
Predicting, planning, and adapting to the weather forecast via contextualized chat-based insights.

Text to smart-contract. Describe a process to generate a smart-contract and deploy to any blockchain.

Enriched real estate data and location-based tools.

TotalQuery Search
Go beyond google search: harness the combined power of 70+ search engines for ultimate web discovery.

Traders Insight
Decode the latest technical analysis ideas for stocks and bitcoin from top traders.

Get financial data for your trading/learning: earning call, analyst view, DCF, sales details, insider trading etc.

How good is a translation? Prompt for translation or type your own. Welocalize TranslationRater will evaluate it.

Unleash personalized hotel search with Travelmyth, offering 60 unique categories for the perfect match.

Trax Codes
Access the largest collection of up-to-date Canadian building codes and other regulations for the construction industry.

Trending Music
Service for finding the trending music, by genre, countries, and top songs globally.

Discover the ultimate travel companion-simplify your trip with personalized itinerary planning and travel bookings.

TrySpree is a website that finds free samples for you to try.

Turing Developer
Search and hire the world’s most deeply vetted developers from Turing.com.

Search for the perfect Turo vehicle for your next trip.

Access affordable, on-demand tutoring and education right at your fingertips.

UK House Prices
Provides information on UK House Prices and Sales.

UK Latest News
Get the latest news stories from the UK’s top news outlets including BBC News, Sky News, The Independent, and others.

UK Politics
Search through UK political documents such as speeches, press releases, voting records, and candidates’ profiles.

US Federal Law
Get up to date access to Federal law.

Find guitar chord diagrams by specifying the chord name.

Interact with a books database. List, get content, and find books.

Elevate your shopping experience with Uniket.

Enables to access web pages, analyze PDFs, generate QR codes, etc.

Custom curriculum, lesson plans, and upskilling support on any topic by Upskillr. Powered by Shorthills Tech.

Urban New Apartments
Search the best off-the-plan and new apartments from Australia’s leading property developers.

Interact seamlessly with VBOUT’s APIs using natural language. Need help? Request ‘help’ for a list of commands.

Get objective feedback and an elevator pitch for your business idea.

Video Highlight
Explore, research, and interact with YouTube videos and personal videos.

Video Insights
Interact with online video platforms like Youtube or Daily Motion.

Video Summary
Summarize YouTube video highlights. Generate summaries from YouTube video URLs.

VideoInsights.io lets you interact with online video platforms like Youtube, Zoom or BiliBili.

A better deal on your next hotel, motel or accommodation booking.

Turn your idea into a captivating video. AI scripts, selects stock footage, and creates magic!

Vivian Health
Take the first step to finding your next healthcare job.

Vivid Seats
Discover local events and find tickets with Vivid Seats.

Convert text into natural-sounding speech.

Enables searching of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, and Google Search results, and more!

Play Guess the WORD AI game. You need to guess a 5 letter word! Start by asking to play WORDLY game.

WP Interact
Fetch or search posts from self-hosted WordPress websites, opening new possibilities for smart interaction with content.

Manages a WordPress site. You can get, view and analyze details of WordPress posts and content.

Hey Ontario, ask and get so in the know on the latest listings, property insights and more.

Wanted Job Search
Explore and inquire about global job opportunities, and dive into the details of worldwide positions with precision.

Water Tracker
A tool for recording and tracking your water intake records, drink more water, stay healthy.

Provides weather forecast based on location. Includes temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind and much more.

Weather Meteosource
Accurate weather for chat-based insights — current, forecasted, and historical. Updated in real-time.

Weather Report
Current weather data for cities and airports using METAR aviation feeds.

WeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.

Get current weather information from around the world. Powered by WeatherAPI.

Web Requests
Goodbye Knowledge Cutoff, Hello World! This is your AI assistant’s web browser. Just enter a URL. Google, Wiki, GitHub.

Web3 User Activity
View any Web3 user’s activities by entering a 0x address, ENS, Lens, and many other name services on the RSS3 Network.

Web5 assistant
Assistant for developers building a web5 application by providing examples, documentation and writing web5 code.

Build a live website within seconds directly from the chat and preview and test HTML code with JavaScript and CSS.

Browse & QA Webpage/PDF/Data. Generate articles, from one or more URLs.

Get the picture of a website at a specific date.

Webbots — Ask a Bot
Start with ‘Ask bot ‘. Visit webbot.chat to create & share a free bot. Powered by Maigrate.

Website Performance
Measure key metrics about your website — performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, PWA.

Chat with any website link.

Welt NewsVerse
Stay informed with the latest news from welt.de.

What To Watch
Search for current shows, get recommendations, and find out where things are streaming.

What To Watch
Search for current TV shows and movies, get recommendations, and find out where things are streaming.

What’s trending?
Explore trending searches, keywords, & hashtags by topic across YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and Google.

Whimsical Diagrams
Create and edit flowcharts and mind maps.

Your go-to for creating amazing Spotify playlists.

Whois Domain Checker
A Whois app that takes a list of space-separated domain names, performs the Whois for each domain.

You can search for books on Wikidocs and create books.

Unified product search across all Korean platforms and brands.

Access computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data through Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language.

Word Counter
Count the number of words, and characters (with and without spaces).

Word Sneak
The AI has to sneak 3 secret words into your conversation. Guess the words to win the game!

Create word cloud images from text.

Workout Generator
Create strength training workouts, for goals like muscle building, strength, and fat loss.

World Bank Data
Access global data on development, economics, demographics, and more from the World Bank Datasets using a query term.

World News
Summarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.

Effortlessly find real academic papers on arXiv. Dive into abstracts, references, and access public PDF URLs.

Provide drug discovery solutions and chemical services from XtalPi, your drug discovery partner.

XWeather gives weather information for a location. Ask for the current weather, a 5-day forecast, or a radar image.

YT Caption Retriever
Tool for retrieving YouTube video captions. You can retrieve captions from any YouTube video by providing its URL.

Create insights instantly. Any audience. Any question. Yabble it.

Yay! Forms
Allows you to create AI-Powered Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, or Questionnaires on Yay! Forms.

YouTube Summaries
Insights & Summaries for YouTube videos.

Your AI Council
The AI council assesses queries through various agents, offering insights from many perspectives.

Interact with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.

Get the latest info about the health programs and services in the Philippines.

Build charts, graphs, and more.

eSIM Travel Asst
Find eSIM data plans easily! Enter location and eSIM keywords to get apt package suggestions. Ideal for travelers.

Find courses and content from leading universities to expand your knowledge at any level.

Generate online forms, surveys, quizzes & more with spot-on questions.

Integrates with highPerplexity and executes any prompts you need.

Search for rooms and venues all across Japan from instabase.

Get the latest email from top brands.

midpage caselaw
Interact with US caselaw: Searches, summarizes, answers, and checks legal statements.

ndricks Sports
Get information about pro teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) teams by calling the ndricks Software Sports API.

Network diagnostic tool for DNS record lookup (A, AA, MX, NS and more) and WHOIS queries for domains and IP addresses.

Turns long podcasts into quick summaries, finds specific info, highlights key points, and suggests new episodes.

Your gateway to crypto. Explore prices, accounts, and transactions on blockchains, starting with Ethereum.

Get Twitter data on any public Twitter account’s including their name, bio, follower count and much more.

Discover and summarize trending videos on YouTube.



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