“Achieve More In 2024…”

Orren Prunckun
2 min readJan 4, 2024

…With W.I.N.S.

The acronym represents the convergence of written words, images, numeric data, and sounds in the realm of cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence.

You have the power to input your choice of either written words (or numbers), images, or sounds, and in return, receive output comprising of either written words (or numbers), images, or sounds.

Unlocking this remarkable capability (minus sounds) is as simple as subscribing to OpenAI’s GPT4, available through the exclusive ChatGPT (Plus) service, at a monthly investment of USD$20.

However, there exists a better alternative path towards harnessing this transformative technology.

You can do the same through OpenAI’s Application Programming Interface (API).

This route offers a far more cost-effective solution, with costs dipping to mere micro-cents (https://openai.com/pricing) per 1,000 words (one word = approx 0.75 tokens), but it does require proficiency in coding.

Sad face for you.

Not everyone can code, let alone on OpenAI’s API.

But I can:

I have coded together a simple user interface that accesses OpenAI’s API and removes the need for any coding prowess on your part.

As we all will encounter written words, data, images, and sounds in our daily lives in 2024, you need this simple user interface that I created to access OpenAI’s API to be productive in 2024.

Not only does it present a more economical alternative to GPT4 (paid), but it also grants you access to the diverse array of OpenAI “Models” many of which are not accessible through ChatGPT, each tailored to excel in specific tasks:

• Transform images into textual narratives with gpt-4-vision-preview.
• Craft eloquent written content with gpt-4–1106-preview, gpt-4, gpt-4–32k tokens, gpt-3.5-turbo, gpt-3.5-turbo-16k tokens, text-davinci-003 or text-davinci-002.
• Master code generation with code-davinci-002.
• Generate images from textual descriptions using dall-e-3 or dall-e-2.
• Convert text inputs into lifelike audio voices with tts-1 or tts-1-hd.
• Transcribe audio to text with whisper-1.

I am giving out a limited number of 3-day free trials to try this.

Comment or DM me on how to take me up on this offer.

Be quick, this offer ends on 7 January 2024 — if you snooze, you will lose 😉



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