• Bernard De Luna

    Bernard De Luna

    Head de Produto na ThoughtWorks e Fundador do Curso de Produtos Incríveis — https://www.instagram.com/bernarddeluna

  • Çelik Nimani

    Çelik Nimani

    Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Frakton, a Software Development Company specialized in building custom Web and Mobile apps and solutions.

  • Tiffany Joy Basse

    Tiffany Joy Basse

    Co-CEO of Mindrise, a technology platform for well-being experts to create and market their wellness offerings via live video, apps and virtual classrooms.

  • Alex Heber

    Alex Heber

    @xero Storyteller. Former editor at @BIAUS . Dark chocolate expert. Northern Beaches kid at heart.

  • Ravi Teju

    Ravi Teju

  • André Hotta

    André Hotta

    Just a happy guy who works hard to make the world more entrepreneurial

  • Jake Penzo

    Jake Penzo

  • Jen C

    Jen C

    Online content strategist and provider of love to one son and one dog. http://thriftyclifty.com

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