How Nike Bet On The Future & Will It be A Success…

Orren Prunckun
2 min readDec 18, 2021

RTFKT is a company you haven’t heard of.

They are creators of virtual sneakers and non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles which merges physical and digital realities in fashion and gaming.

The company was founded less than 2 years ago and has now been acquired by Nike.

Why would Nike acquire a company who make digital sneakers (aka sneaker skins)?

***A skin is a graphic or audio download which changes the appearance of characters in video games. They’re purely aesthetic — they don’t increase the character’s abilities or impact the outcome of the game.

This is one NFT project that makes sense to me.

It is what humans will do when we all wear augmented reality glasses.

Here is what people are missing: in the physical world, what does one do when they are naked?

Wear clothes.

Some wear Kmart, other wear Fendi.

This is established and not up for debate.

If we were (I am not saying we will be) to live as physical beings in a future augment physical and digital world, wearing physical clothes would be redundant…

Think about the plugged-in scene in The Matrix.

In that case, it’s not too of a farfetched idea that we’d wear digital clothing and no physical clothing.

After all we’d be naked physical being navigating augment physical and digital world, where we would hide our nakedness with digital clothes.

Some will wear digital American Apparel and other will wear digital Nike.

That is the bet Nike are playing.

I think it’s a safe one.


Desktop computers got webcams, then mobile phones got cameras, then augmented reality came to smartphones.

Now we put our smartphones in to clunky augmented/virtual reality headsets.

Various companies have already tried to make augmented reality glasses with speakers and microphones.

We are already doing the behaviour on a small scale with rudimentary devices.

The non-fungible token collectible attached to the digital sneakers is just a novel add-on.



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