How To Create Demand Through Instant Demonstrations…

“Creating demand is hard. Filling demand is easier.”

Yes, but I’ll give you are great example of creating demand that led to the fastest growing sport in America by 1996…


Two years earlier Newsweek estimated the in-line skating market in the U.S. to be $650 million.

40% of that market was captured by the brand Rollerblade, Inc.

The brand name that became the product category name!

Just like Band-aid, Xerox, Dumpster, Bubble Wrap, Kleenex, Thermos, Escalator, etc, etc.

How does one get 40% market share of $650 million?

I’d argue much of it was around the ingenious demand creation activity done by Rollerblade, Inc.

Rollerblade, Inc set up “Team Rollerblade”.

“Team Rollerblade” started was a touring dance ensemble on inline skates (

Yes, looking at it now is absolutely ridiculous

They featured in television commercials, and performed at the Super Bowl and at the Olympic games.

They were huge and the purpose of the team was to demonstrate the “fun” that could be had on Rollerblades.

At the time, inline skating was synonymous with fluro spandex and bum-bags, but another subculture was emerging within it.

It was dubbed “aggressive” inline skating — sliding down handrails and rolling on halfpipe’s like skateboarders did in the 70s and 80s.

Team Rollerblade began to transition from “dance” to vertical halfpipe skating.

Wherever people gathered: malls, fairs, festivals, theme parks and college campuses, Team Rollerblade demonstrations would be there including the product sales team was also there.

Imagine seeing something like this ( as a child, then instantly being able to purchase the tool that allows one to do the same?

This is not a new concept — in sales it’s called the “instant demonstration.”

One the best ways to show the value of a product, service or solution is via an instant demonstration.

The instant demonstration works in by delivering the benefit quickly, but it is not the full product, service or solution — it gives a taste of full version.

It helps push prospects to customers, as they can see the potential, but doesn’t deliver it.

These kids still needed to put the hard work in to get to Team Rollerblade quality, but the sale is already done at the point they know they won’t be an instant star.

Rollerblade, Inc then went on to capitalize on the fame of Team Rollerblade by selling various Team Rollerblade Series (TRS) models of skates.

I have two pairs — that are amazing (and antiques)!

Do you quickly and concisely show prospect the amazing potential of your product, service or solution?



Entrepreneur. Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley. Recognised in the Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers.

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Orren Prunckun

Orren Prunckun


Entrepreneur. Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley. Recognised in the Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers.