How To Market & Sell On OnlyFans…

Yesterday I was asked how to sell more on OnlyFans…

I don’t have any experience with that platform, but I have some thoughts based on humans being the same everywhere.

Buying psychology hasn’t changed for some time and the mirror to that — marketing and sales also hasn’t changed.

Creators anywhere need to know:

1. Who the ideal customer is;
2. Where their attention is;
3. What is being offered in exchange for what; and
4. How will that be communicated.

Of course, there is lot more detail that sits under those 4 categories — but there is only so much you can write in a Instagram message.

The issue this person is having is that supply out strips (pun intended) demand and that makes their offer somewhat commoditized.

Yes, there is some minor differences, but their competitor are offering ostensibly the same thing.

A way out of commoditization is creating a differentiator, which ultimately comes down to working out what does the ideal customer wants?
Not the vehicle, but the destination.

Within the same industry, dancers sell the illusion of intimacy — this is well documented.

No doubt OnlyFans creators sell a variation of that (probably with personal communication), but the creator has better insights into what that want is than me.

All the tactics for getting attention, making offers, and communicating that all flow from that point and there are countless of options for what that looks like specifically.

Get the foundations right and everything else flows from there.

Happy Hump Day (pun also intended) 😊

P.S. If you like to to work out the specifics of these four categories for what you are promoting, let me know and I’ll help you out.




Entrepreneur. Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley. Recognised in the Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers.

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Orren Prunckun

Orren Prunckun

Entrepreneur. Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley. Recognised in the Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers.

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