ICYMI: Week Ending 19 January 2020 Marketing & Sales Roundup!

Marketing Ideas Vlog

  • When design matters in your marketing and when it does not;
  • Why WIIFM matters; and
  • What will happen if you change your marketing & sale to WIIFM.
  • How to offer and upsell well;
  • Why upsells work; and
  • How to make an upsell even more compelling.
  • Why Checkout Mazes are good for vendors;
  • The real purpose of chatbots;
  • Communication wins even if the message means waiting;
  • Do sales scripts need to have all elements in them;
  • How to rebrand;
  • The fine line between annoying small talk and being helpful;
  • When to use direct response & and when to use branding;
  • Why knowing, liking and trusting and awareness need to be combined;
  • Why salespeople are the best thing for retail;
  • Why your opinion doesn’t matter;
  • How to recognize objections and address them;
  • The temptation of engaging content;
  • Am I incongruent with what I preach?;
  • Cold outreach that doesn’t;
  • What the best way to explain the value of something is;
  • The common things prospects despise about salespeople;
  • How to get referrals; and
  • Who are the best salespeople?

Create More Customers Podcast

  • Episode 104: Why WIIFM Is Important; and
  • Episode 105: An example of great upselling.

The Blog

Marketing Mastermind

  • TikTok is Developing a Feed of Curated Content; and
  • Facebook Adds New Features for Instant Articles.

Cheap & Trial Offers



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