Hello and in case you missed it, here is what has been happening in my world last week!

Hope you find it useful for your marketing and sales journey…

Marketing Ideas Vlog

This is my free vlog on all things marketing & sales. This week I posted:

Marketing Ideas — Episode 96: Who is your best prospect

In this episode you’ll hear my thoughts on:

  • What the 2 ways to sell are, so you know what is harder and what is easier which means you can save time, money and effort selling.

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/32ooXz_pYpY

Marketing Ideas — Episode 97: How to send meaningful branded communication

In this episode you’ll hear my thoughts on:

  • What makes meaningful branded communication;
  • How to build trust through it;
  • What the two factors you should consider are; and
  • Why the are contradictory.

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/jDhMAvapKm0

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Your Input

I also have a few more episodes I am thinking of riffing on next:

  • What the best way to explain the value of something is;
  • How to use technology to solve advertising problems;
  • Am I incongruent with what I preach?;
  • Why you shouldn’t sell right away;
  • Marketing & sales predictions for 2020 and beyond;
  • The common things prospects despise about salespeople;
  • How to improve an already great lead generator;
  • When logos (etc) matter;
  • How to do send meaningful branded Christmas cards;
  • Brand road signage;
  • Why WIIFM is important;
  • Cold outreach that doesn’t;
  • How to get referrals; and
  • Who are the best sales people?

But is there anything you’d like me to specifically talk on? Reply to this and let me know.

Create More Customer Podcast

This is my free podcast of the audio only part of the Vlog above. The following have now been distributed:

  • Episode 96: Who is your best prospect; and
  • Episode 97: How to send meaningful branded communication.

And you can listen to them on any of your favourite podcast players:

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Episode 100

I have planned out the 100th episode of my vlog/podcast. Coincidently it will be release on New Year’s Eve (I didn’t plan it like that when I started, but posting on Tuesdays and Fridays makes it so!) What should I do with the vlog/podcast after that? Continue? Stop? Interview people? Tell more of my back story? Explain my journey and progress as it is happening? Stay with case studies and tips? Etc?

The Blog

This is my free blog on all things marketing & sales. This week I discussed and posted:

Marketing Mastermind

This is my free, Facebook group setup to all you to discuss marketing and sales with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. Start or Join the conversation here https://www.facebook.com/groups/900926109968259 on topics like this weeks:

  • Instagram wants to be a matchmaker between influencers and brands.

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