ICYMI: Week Ending 5 January 2020 Marketing & Sales Roundup!

Marketing Ideas Vlog

  • Why you need to think about the future;
  • What will remain relevant next year;
  • How to predict the future;
  • What the history of marketing & sales is;
  • Where attention is and is going;
  • What medium and messaging will work; and
  • What you 2020 plan should look like.
  • How to use technology to solve advertising problems;
  • What an example of this technology is; and
  • How to utilise unused attention.
  • How to create effective brand road signage;
  • When logos (etc) matter;
  • Why WIIFM is important;
  • Examples of great upselling;
  • Why Checkout Mazes are good for vendors;
  • The real purpose of chatbots;
  • Communication wins even if the message means waiting;
  • Do sales scripts need to have all elements in them;
  • How to rebrand;
  • The fine line between annoying small talk and being helpful;
  • When to use direct response & and when to use branding;
  • Why knowing, liking and trusting and awareness need to be combined;
  • Why salespeople are the best thing for retail;
  • Why your opinion doesn’t matter;
  • How to recognize objections and address them;
  • The temptation of engaging content;
  • Am I incongruent with what I preach?;
  • Cold outreach that doesn’t;
  • What the best way to explain the value of something is;
  • The common things prospects despise about salespeople;
  • How to get referrals; and
  • Who are the best salespeople?

Quick TikTok

Create More Customers Podcast

  • Episode 100: How to use technology to solve advertising problems; and
  • Episode 101: How to use technology to solve advertising problems.

The Blog

Marketing Mastermind

Cheap & Trial Offers



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Orren Prunckun

Orren Prunckun

Entrepreneur. Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley. Recognised in the Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers. http://orrenprunckun.com