“If You Are Not Using This One Thing You Are Either Wasting Money, Time Or Both…”

Orren Prunckun
2 min readDec 18, 2023

HINT — It’s probably both.

Because both are the same thing at the end of the day:

Let me explain…

Everything relies on the power of words, images, numbers or sounds.

Literally everything.

I call it WINS.

It’s almost 2024, and you are wasting time and money either yourself or with staff.

Instead of expensive humans either yourself or hiring others, you can fix most problems/you need customised artificial intelligence software to do all the grunt work for anything that involves words, images, numbers or sounds!

All you need humans for is to check the output and hit the home run, but they don’t load the bases for you.

In many instances, artificial intelligence can do it better or faster than humans can because it doesn’t get fatigued.

Without artificial intelligence, you are wasting money, time or both.

And time is money, money is time.

You need custom artificial intelligence software right NOW, not tomorrow.

And the reason you need it is to stay ahead of your competition who are rapidly adopting AI solutions too.

If they can do it better and faster than you for less cost with fewer people, what does that say about you?

Once everyone is using AI it it’s no longer a competitive advantage and it’s going to be really hard to stand out again, just like every innovation that has mainstream adoption.

Instagram is no longer as easy as it was years ago.

And if you don’t start using custom artificial intelligence software right NOW, you will continue to spend time and money on humans when you don’t need to as well as let your competition adopt faster than you.

With custom artificial intelligence software you will speed up and automate anything that involves words, images, numbers or sounds.

This is 2024 and we have had a year of mainstream AI, why are you waiting and sitting on this?!

OpenAI has 150,000,000 active users, let alone Google’s Bard, Amazon’s Cluade, Meta’s Llama etc etc.

My inbox is open to talk about how it can work for you — DM me.



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