When I was a kid, I was really into music and sport.

I was really into listening to music and I was also really into playing music.

Now, I grew up in the day of CDs and they cost about $30 per unit.


I was also into playing music, particularly the drums.

If you know anything about musical instruments or drums, especially the cymbal parts of drum kit, you’ll know they are expensive.

Like I also said, I was also into sport, mainly playing sport.

And the sport I played was ice hockey (still do).

I got into ice hockey from watching the Disney movie The Mighty Ducks when it first came out in the mid 90s.

It was that move that inspired me to play.

Now, ice hockey in general is an expensive sport to play — ice skates start at $300 and go up many multiples of that.

And ice hockey in Australia it is even more expensive due to importing.

Then you’ve got all of this other gear, such as hockey sticks.

The thing with hockey sticks is they start $100 and go up many multiples of that.

And hockey sticks break all the time too, so ice hockey turns out to be a really expensive hobby.

At this point, remember I am just a kid with all of these precocious tastes.

My parents gave me pocket-money for at $2 per week, on the proviso that I did jobs, chores and errands around the house for payment.

Then over the years it went up to $5 per week.

When you’re getting paid that amount per week, it takes a really long time to save up for a $30 CD.

It also takes a really long time to save up to buy musical instruments or buy a hockey gear.

So, I thought to myself

“What are some other ways that I can get money that are accessible to a kid?”

Asking that question opened up a whole bunch of different options for me…

When I was 12 years old, I started my very first business the Irish Club in the city.

It was at a trading card fair they held.

I would rent a table out of my own money, my parents would drop me off and I set up my table with all of my products, selling trading cards to people three times my age and at the end of the day my parents would come back at pick me up.

I ran that business for quite some time.

Then over the years I started other businesses.

In sum, I had all of these ways of selling I had picked up through trial-and-error, but it was kind of like having a puzzle with no box-cover-picture to see what I was doing.

I had all of these “sales” pieces that kind of worked individually, but I didn’t know how they fit together.

You know, a puzzle without a box-cover-picture you don’t really know what you are doing.

The same with selling.

You have no sense of direction.

Over the years I went out and I talked to a lot of sales people and read a lot of sales books and in doing so, I came across a very famous copywriter…

His name was Robert Collier and he has been attributed to the following quote:

“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customers mind.”

Let that sink in…

“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customers mind.”

This quote is what changed the way I looked at selling.

What it really means is: customers are going through a journey of going from pain to gain.

They are going through life and then they have a problem.

They realize they have a problem and then they try to solve it.

Ideally, they do.

And the whole while, they have an internal dialogue that’s going on to themselves (but many times also verbalised to others.)

So, if you can enter that conversation, understand what it is saying and walk with them through that journey of going from pain to gain, selling becomes so much easier.

This quote gave the map of where I was going and the terrain to get there.

Once you know what the terrain is, you need to know what the best path to take is.

Roads are far easier to transit that hiking mountains.

Sales scripts are the road on the map!

But what are sales scripts and what is copy (or copywriting)?

Sales scripts and copy or copywriting, is firstly the words that you say, and secondly is the order of words that you say to get:

1. A lead; or

2. A sale; or

3. Both.

So why are sales scripts or copy important?

Well, it’s not actually your product or service that sells anything.

I feel your angry brewing!

“But, Orren, my product or service is the best on the market!”

There are lots of phenomenal products and services that are on the market, but they just don’t sell — for example there are plenty of music artists out there who are far better than anything in the Top 40 popular music, yet no one knows about them (and no one buys their music.)

I also hear this all the time:

“That is because there’s not enough prospects and leads out there!”

The lack of prospects or leads is NOT the cause of no sales either.

There are SOOOO many prospects and SOOOO many leads out there, you just need to learn how to get their attention (but that’s not the purpose of this.)

It’s not the lack of:

1. A product or service; or

2. Prospects or leads.

Sales scripts on the other hand ARE the single most important thing that is going to sell your product and service is (and I know that statement may sound obvious.)

They are the thing that sells prospects and leads a product or service.

Sales scripts, sell, right?!


The reason why you are not getting all your sales scripts written is likely because you don’t know how to write them easily.

One of the problems many entrepreneurs and small business owners face is staring at a blank screen with Writers Block not knowing where to start with their next sales script.

If you don’t solve this, what of course ends up happening is that you continue to not sell as well as you ultimately could.

No one wants that.

And the problem remains…

The way to solve this is getting a draft sales script done quickly to get over the blank-page-syndrome, then editing that draft to be effective.

It’s far easier to edit than it is to write!

Now, I too struggle with this, despite writing A LOT of sales scripts — almost daily (content is actually a sales script, but that is beyond the scope of this post!)

The way I do it, is through a piece of software I created over the years that speeds up the process getting a sales script draft done quickly.

It instantly creates a draft sales script so I can then edit that draft.

No more staring at a blank screen with Writers Block.

All you have to do is enter a few keywords in some input boxes (just like you would if you hired a professional copywriter), hit submit, then then software instantly writes multiple draft sales scripts for the following:

• Cold, Warm and Hot Prospects Ads;

• Cold and Warm Content Ideas; and

• Sales Scripts for Lead Generation, Lead Follow-up and Sales Conversion.

You get 8 sales scripts it total from 1 input form!

This software has:

• Regular updates so you can get new and revised sales scripts, which means you don’t need to create or do any sales script testing yourself;

• A Request Feature so you can get a specific sales script you need for your business, which means you don’t need to hire an expensive copywriter to do it for you each time you need one; and

• Script instructions so you know the purpose of each sales script, which means you know where to use each script.

Now, I am giving away 5 lifetime copies of this software for $50 so I can test that the software works for other people’s business, not just mine, before I raise the price and put it on subscription.

Now is your chance to get it at a heavy discount.

If you want to be one of those 5, you can be here: https://rebrand.ly/f38f0

And the cool thing about this very sales script is that it was created with the software.

How meta and #inception is that!