What do you do when the rug is pulled from under your feet?

  1. Do something different.
  • Four Actions Framework;
  • Related Worlds;
  • Doblin Ten Types Of Innovation; and
  • Buyer Utility.


SCAMPER (https://er.knutd.edu.ua/bitstream/123456789/7479/1/20170321_EconFinance_V2_P037-040.pdf) is an acronym for:

  • (C)ombine;
  • (A)dapt;
  • (M)odify;
  • (P)ut to another use;
  • (E)liminate; and
  • (R)everse.

Four Actions Framework

Four Actions Framework (https://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/tools/four-actions-framework/) outlines four tasks:

  • Reduction;
  • Raising; and
  • Creation.

Related Worlds

Related Worlds (https://socialinnovation.typepad.com/silk/2008/10/related-worlds.html) is a tool that asks you to look two different industries (or “worlds”) and see what one “world” does well in delivery that can be used in the delivery of your industries product, service or solution.

Doblin Ten Types Of Innovation

Doblin’s Ten Types Of Innovation (https://doblin.com/dist/images/uploads/Doblin_TenTypesBrochure_Web.pdf) outlines ten parts of a customer journey.

Buyer Utility

Buyer Utility (https://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/tools/buyer-utility-map/) looks at six parts of a customer journey (especially delivery) and asks you to focus on how you could improve each of those based on another six utility levers.



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