What Prince Charles & Ozzy Osborne Can Teach You About Targeting & Segmentation…

Orren Prunckun
1 min readJul 6, 2023

Prince Charles and Ozzy Osborne are both:

1) Raised in the UK
2) Castle dwellers
3) White
4) Male
5) Born in 1948
6) Marred twice
7) Wealthy and
8) Famous

These are geographic and demographic descriptors, which are the broadest targeting characteristics in marketing and the easiest to target by.

When looking at psychographic descriptors, Prince Charles has interests in:

1) Environmental issues
2) Sustainable development and
3) Organic farming

Whereas Ozzie Osborne is interested in:

1) Sex
2) Drugs and
3) Heavy metal

When looking at behaviour descriptors, Prince Charles engages in:

1) Royal duties
2) Charity work and
3) Support of NGOs

Whereas Ozzy Osbourne:

1) Has a turbulent personal life
2) Performs music and
3) Is on reality TV

Targeting only geographics and demographics will make everyone look the same.

Yet adding psychographics and behaviours will make that targeting far more specific, which means you can make your messaging far more relevant, thus increasing the likelihood of consumption.

Despite looking so on paper, Prince Charles and Ozzy Osborne are nothing alike.



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