One of the more famous ones claimed 82,000 sign-ups in 72 hours.

I tested it and it was inaccurate every time I tried it.

The reason why they don’t work is their input templates don’t take into account:

⦁ Buying temperature
⦁ Prospect journey & funnel steps
⦁ Problem awareness
⦁ Offers & offer price
⦁ Market objections
⦁ Lead or sales function
⦁ Trust level
⦁ Previous touchpoint
⦁ Etc, etc.

This is all copywriting 101.

Every one of these requires different things in the #copy, to get a result.

A single templated input run through AI won’t write what is needed.

But go on, throw away that $49 per month and make some non-copywriter rich.



I started a Facebook Group:

It is getting 100~ member requests a day with no proactive effort from me.

What’s there a secret?

There is none.

Here is how to do it:

1) Set up dozens of Facebook Groups with different value propositions related to what you are trying to do

2) Post content daily to them

3) Repeat 1 & 2 for 2 years to see what people resonate with

4) Facebook will prioritize those Groups being organically found by others if people resonate with the value proposition

There is no shortcut.

If there was, everyone would have everything they ever wanted.



Are your digital ads not working?

The answer comes straight from the horse’s mouth:

Exhibit A) “I very much believe advertising, when done right, can delight, entertain and inform you”.

Exhibit B) “It’s essential to show Twitter users advertising that is as relevant as possible to their needs”.

Exhibit C) “Highly relevant ads are actually content”.

“Twitter aspires to be the most respected advertising platform in the world”.


iOS 14.5 already probably screwed you because you were too salesy and not building a brand.

Don’t miss this memo either.

Advertisers have been getting away with nonsense for a long time.

And it’s actually advertising 101 — Elon didn’t come up with anything new…

Take note.



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